The Future

The future lurks.
It lurks like that boogie man from childhood stories.
The future stalks.
It stalks like those scary Stephen King creatures.
The future waits.
It waits like a predator eyeing it’s prey.

The future is coming,
and all we can do is
wait and
wait and

And it’s scary,
the not knowing,
being out of control,
not being able to plan and
anticipate and

But that’s how the future likes it.
It wants you scared so it can control

But God says, “Fear not
But I say, “The future is scary
But God says, “I am your past, present and future

I love you, my child
I love you, more than you can imagine
I created you
I shaped you
I gave my Son for you
I love you, so do not fear

[goose bumps, sigh, breath, smile]

Take that you lurking, stalking and waiting future.
My God is bigger.
My God is stronger.
My God is my refuge.

Oh God, I wait for YOU…

The Pastor -|—

2 thoughts on “The Future

  1. Spot on. I saw a post from a friend the other day that said something to effect of , “We experience anxiety because we try to control the future instead of depending on the Lord.” It was something like, I’m more than likely remembering it wrong, but you get me . 🙂

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