One Thing

[Inspired by Luke 10:38-42]

One thing and one thing only,
that is all that’s required,
for with Jesus the Savior,
You will never be lonely.

You don’t need to add to this.
No works, no deeds, no actions.
Jesus is all that you need,
To enjoy eternal bliss.

For God’s grace is sufficient.
There’s nothing else that’s needed.
Attempts to self-justify,
will always be deficient.

So focus your attention,
and away from your attempts.
Jesus has finished the work,
to release all your tension.

Singing His Song

You are right and You are strong,
But they tell me I am wrong.
You are Life and You have won,
But they tell me I am done.


Mighty You are in power,
And gentle as a flower.
A rock solid foundation,
The King of all creation.

There is no God quite like You,
And thus to You praise is due.
But they bow to other lords,
When in them there’s no rewards.

They’re striving after the wind,
And to death they are destined.
Oh, send me to preach thy Name,
So it is You they acclaim.


Sinners we are that is true,
Death is due, that’s nothing new.
Falling short of Your glory,
But that’s not the whole story.

For Jesus was crucified,
And through faith I’m justified.
My sin is covered and gone,
Your wrath has now been withdrawn.

So send me with Your power,
That I may never cower.
They will tell me I am wrong,
But I’ll always sing Your song.

Light Prevails

There is no barrier.
There is no force.
There is nothing that can stop Your light from shining forth.
Darkness can not boast.
Evil will not win.
Satan has been defeated.
Oh Lord, Your light prevails.
The world tries to get in the way,
but You will not be denied.
The world tries to restrain,
but You will not be held down.
The world tries to redefine,
but You are who You are.
Oh Lord, Your light prevails.
People try to silence You.
Governments try to legislate You.
Preachers misrepresent You.
Oh Lord, Your light prevails.
You shine in the darkest dark.
You radiate in the gloomiest gloom.
You glow with the purest love.
Oh Lord, Your light prevails.
You are the Light of the world.
You are the Light of my life.
You are THE Light.
Oh Lord, You have prevailed.

The Lake

Peaceful and quiet,
your waters are serene.
Gentle and tranquil,
Oh, how I love this scene.

The sun’s rising slow.
The colors of the morn.
You help set the stage.
This day will be adorned.

The loons sing their song.
My children laugh and play.
The sounds of the lake,
I could listen all day.

Time is so slow here,
Just inching right along.
Oh so refreshing,
I wish I could prolong.

But sadly we’ll leave,
And have to say goodbye.
God, thanks for this lake,
Its You I glorify.

Praying the Psalms ~ Psalm 8

READ: Psalm 8 (and again)
Oh LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!
A great Psalm of praise; one to meditate on as you worship God our Father through Christ Jesus our Lord…

Oh LORD, my Lord, how majestic is Your name.
Oh Lord, how great is Your name above all names.
You reign victorious from heaven above,
And to You is the glory and all acclaim.

Your glory is the highest than anyone.
Your strength is greater and unsurpassed oh Lord.
Your victory over this world is certain,
And thus You are forever to be adored.

But who am I that You should even notice.
For I am small and a betrayer of You.
I have turned from Your ways and thus I’m condemned.
I’m a sinner and thus Your wrath has accrued.

But You have redeemed me through Jesus my Lord.
You have raised me up from the power of sin.
Oh LORD, my Lord, how majestic is Your name.
For through Your grace, in Your courts I’ll live therein.

The Intoxicating Word of God

By a word You created all that there is.
By a lying word the serpent deceives all.
By Your Word of hope You redeemed creation.
By Your Word of promise You sustain my life.

Therefore oh God…

The taste of Your Word is sweetness in my mouth.
The sound of Your Word is music in my ears.
For the power of Your Word defeats evil;
Giving hope, peace and life to a sin-stained soul.

Your Word is a delicacy that’s unmatched;
the value of which that can not be measured.
It is a treasure that is beyond all worth.
A gift in which, “Thank you” is just not enough.

So to consume Your Word is a daily feast;
A feast that my heart can never get enough.
Your Word, oh God, is so intoxicating,
That is keeps me coming back for more and more.

Beautiful Jesus

We worship God because he sent Jesus to reveal His love and grace to sinful people through his death and resurrection. As you prepare to worship on this Lord’s Day, reflect on the beauty of Jesus; the glory that shines forth revealing the Father. Don’t enter your places of worship out of a sense of duty to one another, but because of what God has done through Jesus Christ. As the psalmist says, in Psalm 27:4, “One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.

The following poem is dedicated to the beauty of Jesus…

Lord Jesus you are beautiful,
And your heart is full of mercy.
Your love is all encompassing,
Your compassion has no boundary.

Your presence gives me holy peace,
Your comfort soothes my broken heart.
I was weak, blind and oh so lost,
From you I’ll never be apart.

You shine forth the Father’s glory,
Your face glows brighter than the sun.
Your beauty takes my breath away,
And with you I am so undone.

I long to gaze upon your face,
And to bask in your loving glow.
Lord Jesus you are beautiful,
And its you that I want to know.