Evening Praise

As this day begins to wind down.
As this body begins its rest.
As this evening takes its hold,
I praise You, Lord, for I am blessed.
You gave me each and every breath.
You gave me each and every moment.
You filled my day with awe,
and I’m left to sit back and say, “ahhh…”
To see my children laugh.
To watch them joyfully play.
For each and every moment, Lord,
I praise you as I rest.

Thank You

I cannot see the wind but I feel it on my face.
I cannot see the air but I know it’s necessary to live.
I cannot see nutrients but I know they sustain my body.
I cannot see Your Spirit but I know it gives me Life.
Working behind the scenes.
Working without much notice.
You bless my days.
You bless my days with grace and love.
You bless my life with Your Son.
You give and give,
but yet I don’t thank as I should.
Your blessings come and come,
but I go about my days.
All that You do would be noticed if You stayed Your gracious hand.
Oh Lord, please do not stay Your hand as You should.
Oh Lord, as stand before You as a blessed one.
Oh Lord, thank You.

Lasting Peace

Holy and loving Father,
In this world there is tribulation.
In this world there is strife.
In this world there is conflict.
In this world there is no life.
Fear and death and wars and fighting.
Disease and walls and racism and hatred.
All these things run a muck.
All these things lead to despair.
But peace is peddled by politicians;
deceiving the masses into thinking they are a savior.
Peace legislated,
giving false hope.
Peace is marketed,
profiting only the privileged.
There is no safety net in this world.
There is no fortress strong enough.
There is no weapon to defend us.
There is no one who is tough.
But all praise be to You,
holy and loving Father,
that Jesus came into this world.
Jesus came into this world to die.
Jesus rose and left death destroyed.
My life, through Jesus blood, you did buy.
All praise be to you, Father, that You have overcome,
and thus, I have lasting peace.
In Jesus name, Amen.

Sweet Somethings

God is whispering sweet somethings in your ear,
For He is not far but oh so very near.
He has wonderful things for you to behold,
That in this life you can be so very bold.

For your life here is not the point of it all,
But the glory of God that stands oh so tall.
So quiet your life and give heed to His voice,
That you may know Him and through Jesus rejoice.

I Will

I will praise the Lord with all my heart,
Singing songs of joy to thee.
I will thank the Lord with all my soul,
Praising him that I am free.

I will speak of Him with all my breath,
Shouting from a mountain top.
I will proclaim his name with all my might,
Preaching with each single breath.

I will share this sure and certain hope,
Telling all of his great grace.
I will boast of him, oh yes I will,
Bragging ’til I see his face.

Is It Right to Praise the Lord?

This “Psalm” was inspired by Psalms 146-150; Psalms with the bookends “Praise the Lord“.

Is it right to praise the Lord?
Oh let me thinkā€¦
He is awesome and mighty
Gracious and merciful
Faithful and just
Powerful and gentle
He has made the heavens and the earth.
He breathed the breath of life into all living creatures.
He perfectly made everything
We sinned
But He vowed reconciliation and restoration through crushing Satan.
And He followed through on His promises.
He sent Jesus
Jesus lived and loved and healed and forgave
Jesus suffered and died and was buried
Jesus rose victorious
Jesus reigns
Sins are forgiven
Death and Satan and tears are no more.
Joy and peace and Life forevermore.
Oh sinner, is it right to praise the Lord?
Praise the Lord!

Uninhibited Worship

Scripture: 2 Samuel 6, Psalm 150

Awesome and mighty God,
as David danced before You in uninhibited worship and praise;
dancing with all of his might,
shouting Your praises with a loud voice,
may my spirit know the freedom of letting go
to worship You without fear or judgment from others.
David, as king, sought not the approval of man,
but of You and You alone.
Oh, how I seek the approval of man.
Oh, how I seek shelter from judging eyes.
But the psalmist calls all living beings to praise You;
everything that has breath;
not according to our gifts and abilities,
not according to how well or awful we sing,
but to praise YOU, for your mighty deeds,
and your exceeding greatness.
Yes, Your mighty deeds and exceeding greatness.
For it is not about me.
David knew that.
May I know that.
May my heart and soul show that in uninhibited worship;
dancing and singing for You.
Praise the Lord, oh my soul,
Praise the Lord!