The Unknown

The congregation that I serve continues its discernment process concerning the potential purchase of a property in a neighboring town. There are still a lot of questions and fears about going forward with the purchase or remaining where we are at. Whatever the case, God will be with us. My prayer is that we cling to God no matter what the outcome of the vote is. After all, God is the one in control, not us.


The unknown doesn’t have to be scary.
Nor do options that vary.
God is in complete control.
Therefore, fear is totally contrary.

My faith Satan always seeks to deflate.
My peace he seeks to negate.
I want to trust Jesus more.
Oh God, my spirit would you please elate.

May I walk with you into the unknown,
That I may not be alone.
I know that Your hand will guide.
I praise You that I am Your very own.

Oh God, please lead me so that I can see.
From You may I never flee.
It’s Your will that I’ll follow.
Oh God, In You I want to always be.