Thy Will Praying

Your Word is truth.
Your Word is life.
Your Word is powerful.
Your Word is right.

Your Word illumines.
Your Word reveals.
Your Word convicts.
Your Word heals.

Your Word teaches.
Your Word guides.
Your Word is wisdom.
Therein Your will resides.

And yet…

I am often repetitious in praying according to MY will and not Yours. Teach me to pray rightly, oh God. Show me by Your Word how to pray according to Your will. Guide my heart in seeking Your will continually.
Teach me, oh God, teach me.
I know that Your Word is perfect; without flaw.
I know that Your Word is eternal.
Forgive me for when I seek my flawed will.
Forgive me for I am selfish.
Help me, Oh God, help me.
Help me to know Your will.
Your Word is THE excellent starting point;
The very Word I profess to hold high.
So open my heart and send Your Spirit,
That I may engage Your Word.
May I hear Your will and pray thus.
May I know Your will and seek thus.
May my selfish ways fall away.
Oh God, THY will be done.