Why Praise is Due

You are my sunshine,
Though the clouds roll in.
You are my shelter,
That I live within.

You are my buckler,
Who defends my soul.
You are my strong shield,
You that I extol.

You are my safe place,
A place of true peace.
You are my comfort,
My life will not cease.

You are my Savior,
Lord Jesus he saves.
You’re my Redeemer,
I fear not the grave.

You are my strong Rock,
On You I’ll not fall.
You’re my foundation,
On You I’ll stand tall.

You are my Father,
Whose arms I run to.
You are my Keeper,
You’re always in view.

You’re my everything,
Your love is so true.
You’re my awesome God,
That’s why praise is due.