The Cross

Staring at this cross on my office wall, this poem/confession started to flow. As I think about what it means to be a church, I can’t help but think that if a church doesn’t have a right understanding of God through Jesus Christ; if they don’t truly know him, then their mission will always be askew.


The Pastor -|—

4 thoughts on “The Cross

  1. So simple, yet so important. Our identity in Christ is what our ministry for Christ must come from. Being the Church, or even just being a church, isn’t effectively possible if we don’t understand who Christ is, who he transforms us into, and what purposes he has that we ought to be partnering with!

      • That’s the same word we use frequently! A common criticism of churches today is that they are social clubs where you pay your dues (ahem, tithes) and get all the perks from child care to dinners and Sunday assemblies with light shows, music and motivational speeches. It’s refreshing to find churches that fight against that slow slide and focus on serving God’s purposes and reaching outsiders!

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