A season of…

It’s Advent…a season of:

We are waiting for Christmas.
We are watching for Jesus.
We are anxiously anticipating God to fulfill all his promises.
We are hopeful in this cold, dark, chaotic world.

We can feel this way because the very thing that allows us to feel this way has been done.

The cross and the empty tomb.

Jesus died and rose FOR YOU and FOR ME.  In Jesus’ very own words:
It is finished!”

But we wait for other things; other things that sometimes distracts us from what truly matters.  It is not that those “other things” should be forgotten about or that they are not important.  Its just that those “other things” should not become the gods we are waiting for. Sounds strange to say something like that: 

The gods we are waiting for.

If I’m playing baseball and I am up to bat; what I should be waiting for is the pitcher to throw the ball over the plate so I can attempt to hit it.  In that situation, if I am not waiting for the pitcher to throw the ball then I will definitely miss the ball.  The batter needs to be patient, wait and watch in order to be ready.

What are you truly watching and waiting for?
Are you watching and waiting for Jesus or some other worldly god?

During this Advent season fix your eyes on the manger.  Fix your eyes on Jesus.  Fix your eyes on God’s love.  Let this be what we are truly waiting for.

Happy Advent!

The pastor -|—