Troubled Heart One

Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.
[John 14:1 ESV]

Oh, why do you have a troubled heart?
Why do you worry about tomorrow?
Why do you worry about this life?
Oh troubled heart one,
Why do you get anxious about trivial things?
Why do you obsess about that which you can not change?
Why do you fear this world?
Oh, why are you so troubled?
Do you not trust Me?
Do you not understand that I have overcome this world?
Have you forgotten how much I love you?
My child,
There is nothing I can not handle.
There is no trouble too big.
There is no challenge too difficult.
There is no obstacle too tall.
There is no opponent too strong.
I can handle it.
So why is your heart troubled?
Do you need a reminder, well, do you?
Look at the cross – look at the tomb of Jesus,
What do you see?
That’s because Jesus has risen.
I have overcome the world.
Through Jesus, I have overcome the world for you.
Now, let’s discuss this troubled heart thing, shall we 🙂

This Day

Oh God, to You I pray
Through Christ the only way
Every second
Every moment
Oh God, I want to say

To You I live this day
To You I will obey
Every second
Every moment
With You I’ll be okay

So guide me in the Way
That You I may display
Every second
Every moment
Your love I will portray

All praise to You today
Your grace I will relay
Every second
Every moment
Oh God, to You I pray


There is none holy like the Lord: for there is none besides you; there is no rock like our God.” [1 Samuel 2:2 ESV]

Holy God,
the Almighty,
there is indeed no one like You — not even close.
There is no one or no thing that can come close to comparing to You.
You are
Creator of all.
You are my God and thus I worship You.
You, oh Lord do I worship.
for You and You alone are worthy.
But what am I?
As the psalmist say, I am but a worm.
I am only worthy of condemnation and destruction.
Oh Lord, my God, have mercy on this worm,
a sinner,
Have mercy, Lord, have mercy, in Jesus name.
Forgive me
Forgive me
Forgive me
May I sing Your praise day and night.
May I proclaim Your glory.
May I shout of Your salvation.
May I dwell in You.
For You are indeed my Rock and Salvation.
…there is no god like You,
for You are my Rock and Salvation.
only You.
You are my God.

Prayer for a New Day

Father God,
Your mighty hand has protected me throughout this past night;
graciously opening my eyes to see Your glory in a new day.
Though my aches and pains and troubles are still present,
You are more present,
Lord of all
As Your mighty hand protected me through the might,
may Your mighty hand guide me through this day also,
not that I may be glorified but that I may bring glory to Your holy name.
Your majesty is all around.
Your glory is not hidden.
Your love is ever abounding.
Your mercy is great.
Holy God, loving Father, mighty Lord,
through Jesus Christ restore my soul,
revive my heart,
renew may faith.
May Your Way never depart from my eyes and heart.
Keep me
Hold me
Secure me
from the evil one.
And now, with You by my side, I am ready;
ready to take on this day.
To You be all honor, glory, thanks, praise and worship,
In Jesus name I pray,

Morning Confession

Morning has dawned,
The sun has risen.
Me a sinner to which I’m imprisoned.
Filled with sorrow
and regret,
Oh God my Lord, please remove my large debt.
Christ Jesus died
and rose for me.
My faith I place completely in thee.
Restore and renew
that I may rejoice.
And of Your glory I’ll give a loud voice.

Open My Eyes

Open my eyes to see Your glory.
Open my eyes to know Your beauty.
Open my eyes to know Your way.
Open my eyes to live in the Way.
Open my eyes that I may be faithful.
Open my eyes that I may see where I’ve strayed.
Open my eyes to know Your grace.
Open my eyes to see Your Son.
Open my eyes, oh Lord,
that I may see and know;
that I may see and behold;
that I may see and go.
Open my eyes, oh Lord,
I want to see.

A Psalm for the Morning

Oh Lord, You are my strength and my song,
You are my salvation.
You cause me to rise in the morning,
and gently lie my head down in the evening;
keeping me throughout the night.
You are my guard on all sides;
defeating those that would oppose You.
Keep me, oh Lord, from straying from You.
Keep me from despair.
Keep me from straying from Your ways.
May I be faithful and obedient.
May I be true and right.
May I know the way You have ordained for my life.
Oh Lord, on my own I am lost.
Lead me, guide me, direct me.
I want to know Your ways.
Oh Lord, You are my strength and my song,
never do I want to leave Your side.
Keep me, this day, and always,
that I may proclaim Your holy name;
that Your glory may shine.