Waiting and questions

My wife and I are in the adoption process.

We started this journey back in June but didn’t tell the congregations I serve until October.  For me those fours months were long.  A couple very close friends knew (as they were praying for us) but I was looking forward to being more open about what we were doing.  My wife, on the other hand, wished we could keep this quiet for a little while longer.

You see ~ one of things that we were concerned about was all the questions we knew we were going to get.  Not just the initial questions following the news release but the follow up questions, “Any news yet?”  This would be especially hard if this process dragged out…and compound that with the number times that well-meaning people asked the question.

It has been nearly 2 months now since our announcement and the questions have come just like we thought.  Not everyday but I do get a couple questions per week.  Usually from someone I haven’t seen for a while.  But as time has gone on I have come to a realization…

…I look forward to those questions.

I thought it would be hard but it’s not.  The reason I look forward to those questions is because it tells me that Connie and I are not the only ones anxiously waiting.  We are not waiting alone.  And that feels good.  People are praying for us.  And there is something about waiting together that is powerful and encouraging.

And when I contemplate this waiting I can’t help but think of the season we are in: Advent.  This is a season of waiting as we await the celebration of the birth of Jesus AND await Jesus coming again…to bring us home.  It’s an anxious waiting and an exciting waiting.  But the difference between this waiting and our adoption waiting is that we have Good News to share right now:

Jesus has come.
Jesus will come again.

So we wait patiently and expectantly, knowing that our faithful God will come through for us.

So when I get that “Any news yet?” question maybe I should say, “Yes…there is Good News.  Jesus is coming.” And then say, “But we are still waiting.

Waiting together.

So please keep asking the questions.  We appreciate your support and prayers.  And soon (God willing) I will have some “other” exciting news to share with you…but all in God’s timing.

Happy waiting and praise be to God 🙂

The pastor -|—

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