Life through the cross

Life through the cross

This is the wind break wall on the ramp leading to the sanctuary at Salem Lutheran Church.  You will notice that a robin has built a nest on right cross arm.  When my wife noticed this she said to me, “There’s got to be a sermon illustration in there somewhere.”  I think she may be right.  My first thought was “Life through the cross“. Corny…maybe…but leave it to a pastor to do theology with a picture like this.  I guess one could say that I am a theologian of the cross 🙂


What would you call this picture?

What scripture comes to mind when you see this?


13 thoughts on “Life through the cross

  1. heartofapastor

    There are two eggs in the nest that I can see. I don’t think the robin liked all the activity on the ramp today from the funeral, but it is enjoying some peace and quiet now 🙂

  2. Everything reminds me of the theology of the cross since I’m taking a course on it now. It’s a concept that’s hard to wrap your mind around, but I think it’s very profound that the bird has found a home and shelter there. That certainly says something, doesn’t it?

    1. heartofapastor

      Indeed it does say something. I found myself sitting in the courtyard this afternoon just watching the bird in her nest. There is just something fascinating about it.

  3. Julie Schulz

    I love this picture. You should download this as your wallpaper. I could look at this everday. We have a robin building a nest in our tree. We have left out some yarn and shredded paper to assist her in this task. Thanks for the picture.

    Your sis.

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