I just have to share this ESPN story with you.  I saw this last night and I was blown away.  Through this story I was given a dose of hope that there are still honest people with integrity out there…and in the professional sports world.

Basically…a golfer in a playoff calls a 2 stroke penalty on himself that cost him his first PGA tour win (and cost him nearly a half a million dollars).  Had he not said anything, no one would have noticed what he did.  I know I wouldn’t have because I was not aware of this rule.  But for Brain Davis, integrity is something that is ingrained and should not be compromised (even when no one would know the difference).

If I were ever in that situation I hope I would do the same thing.

What do you think of this?


4 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. Hmmm, I think that he is good to be honest, and that type of publicity can’t hurt him. But he also knew that since is in the public eye, someone might look things over and find the mistake. Not being honest could have cost him more in the long run.

    In the more general context, one has to be aware of mistakes and sins to repent. I’ve noticed a number of people who are self righteous and can’t step back and self assess and be self-honest so that repentance is even possible.

    BTW, when there is the silence for confession, the sin I’m most likely to confess is self righteousness.

    • Indeed…the publicity can’t hurt him, but I don’t think he was thinking about that. Also…I believe he could have gotten away with it. When you watch the reply the twig barely moved and he could have easily claimed he didn’t notice it. I am not sure how he noticed it in the first place. Therefore I do not believe he did what he did out of fear of getting caught.

      Self righteousness is indeed a sin we all need to confess and repent of. How easy it is to say with the Pharisee “…and I give thanks that I am not like this tax collector.”.

  2. It was nice to hear about that instead of all the Tiger Woods stuff>> I enjoy hearing the good of people instead of always the bad!!

    • Agreed. I wish the evening news would tell more positive, uplifting stories instead of all the murders and other crimes going on.

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