All good things…

The above title was the title of the series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  The day that episode ran was a sad day for me being a huge fan of the series, but as the title suggests all good things come to an end.

This past month of so (of inactivity on this blog) I have once again been doing some soul searching about the future of this blog.  I went through a period of soul searching not so long ago and decided to keep blogging.  I felt then that was what I was meant to do, but things are changing.  I am not exactly sure what it is.  It might be that this blog has just run it’s course.  But I think a larger part of my decision involves trying to focus more energy on my ministry here at Salem and Belmont.  I am a firm believer that to have a “successful” blog (and I am being careful to claim any success here), one needs to put a lot of time and energy into it.  And my energy for blogging is waning.  So I guess as the writers of Star Trek have said, all good things must come to an end 😦

My plan is to keep this blog active for those who stumble across the many ramblings I have posted here.  When comments are left I will respond (I get email notifications).  And who knows…maybe something will strike me and I will post something, but I am not going to commit to regular posting anymore.

There are so many of you out there that have been so encouraging to me.
When I went through dry periods, you hung with me.
When I had questions you put in your two cents.
When I needed to vent, you listened.
When I needed to flush something out, you where there.

I have learned a lot about faith from many of you.  Your comments to things I have written have challenged me and I will never forget that.

Thank you for this awesome experience and for sharing yourself with me and with the world on this blog.  I pray for God to bless your ministries as you serve this awesome God that we have.  And….I look forward to crossing paths with you someday…if not in this life then in the next, because as Christians…redeemed through the cross…we know that we WILL see each other again…so this is not “good bye”…this is only “see you later”.

So with that…until we meet again.  God bless!


4 thoughts on “All good things…

  1. Hey there! I’ve written several “I’m done with blogging” posts in my career. Surely, there’s something changing in the kind of blogging you and I have done for years. We used to read an article and write about it on our blogs – now we post it to Facebook with a sentence or two of comment. We used to have an idea and flesh it out on our blog – now we cram it into a few characters on Facebook. I have noticed lots of smaller Lutheran blogs like ours become less active. You are surely not alone.

    But we can’t just blame Facebook. We’ve grown up a bit. We’ve gotten more invested in our ministries. For some of us, our families have grown. And for others, we’re simply putting our energies elsewhere (new hobbies, local or synodical ministries, other opportunities).

    I used to post 4-5 times/week … now I’m lucky if I post 4 times/month! I’m glad you’re keeping your blog up … it’ll be there when you need to post, and it’ll be there when we want to find that great conversation we had about the Lutheran Study Bible … 😉

    Blessings to you!

    • I think I remember a couple of those posts 🙂

      The shifting of energies is definitely going on here and who knows…maybe energies will shift towards blogging again someday, but I just needed to say something so people wouldn’t think I simply dropped off the face of the earth.

      And I have definitely appreciated your comments. You always made me think.

      Blessings to you as well…and I’ll see you on Facebook later 🙂

  2. I hope your energies allow you to continue blogging. I have appreciated your posts, but understand. Not only have I done less blogging, but during the school year, I find myself with less time to read others’ blogs.

    Blessings at your churches and may God continually lead and guide you, giving you energy to do what God’s called you to do.


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