New Year’s resolutions…I suppose

For some reason I have been resisting this urge…the urge to make (and publish) New Year’s resolutions.  The problem with resolutions is that they get front page attention in our lives for only a short period of time and then soon get forgotten (can anyone name their resolutions from last year…without looking at a list?)  I did hear a resolution on a New Year’s Eve show that caught my attention, though.  The reporter was going down a crowd of people on the street asking for their resolutions.  The first guy she talked to said his resolution was to read the Bible every day.  I hope he follows through with that.

Something else that has caught my attention:  It seems that every other TV commercial is talking about fitness centers or fitness equipment.  I guess it doesn’t take a genius to see what the number one resolution for people is.  Wouldn’t it be nice if TV commercials were being dominated by Christian book stores and Bible ads?

But even though I am growing skeptical of the usefulness of resolutions, I have made a few of my own (reluctantly).  This list is one I am going to print out and place by my computer in my office.  I want to be reminded each and every day so my resolutions won’t be forgotten.  Maybe I should write a post in June giving a mid-year update…Hmmm….  Anyway…here it goes:

(1) Get into running shape for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.  I started this resolution back in August and so far so good.

(2) Lose weight.  I also started this in August.  As of January 1 I have lost 24 pounds.  Another 20 pounds or so would be nice.

(3) Manage my time better.  After a careful inventory (wasting time?) I discovered I have a number of distractions built into my daily routine (i.e. Facebook applications, Internet games, TV)  My resolution is to limit (and in some case eliminate) these distractions and get more done.  For example, my wife and I are going to be moving our TV upstairs into our new "TV room".  Now our living room can be used for visiting and other "constructive" activities.

(4) Eat some fruits and vegetables every single day.  I know a healthy diet is suppose to include this, but I don’t always do it.  I too often take the easy way out.

(5) Read my Bible everyday.  I know as a pastor one would think I already do this, but there are days that I do not.  I guess I am human after all.

Okay…that’s it.  There are my resolutions…I suppose.  I think five is enough.  Too many more I risk overwhelming myself and thus throwing these resolutions into the New Year’s breeze.

Maybe this exercise was a waste of time.  Maybe I will forget these, but setting goals is never a waste of time.  After all, if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know if you ever get there.  And…if along the way plans change…and new goals are set…that is okay.  So…in June…(if I remember)…I will give a resolutions update and (maybe) we’ll see where I am at.

Resolutions are just resolutions between you…and…well…you.  So in the mean time set your goals high knowing that no matter the out come you will never separate yourself from the love of God in Christ Jesus.  So there you have it…resolutions with a dose of Gospel…you can’t go wrong with that.

Happy New Year, take care and God bless!

P.S.  And resolution or not…READ YOUR BIBLE EVERYDAY!

8 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions…I suppose

  1. I think it’s good to have resolutions so long as they are realistic. I’m trying to lose weight too and yeah, #5’s a pretty good resolution too. Hope your new year is off to a great start!

  2. Hey Art…great to “see” you again.

    Realistic IS the key…you’re right. But most resolutions people make ARE realistic, people just don’t follow through.

    As for me…my year is off to a great start as far as my resolutions are concerned (does checking my blog and writing a comment constitute, “wasting time” when I am supposed to be writing a sermon?) Oh well, no one is perfect 🙂

  3. Although I recently posted about being a non-resolution maker, I think the idea of taking stock and reminding yourself about what is good and healthy is, well, good and healthy. In order to ensure I read the Bible every day, I use For All the Saints for my morning prayer.

  4. Eric,
    these are great. They seem a lot like mine. A great way to keep up the running and fitness goal is to get a dog as a running/fitness companion. Besides if you get a great bird dog you can save on buying some chicken in the fall.

  5. Diane – I think the porridge might run contrary to my resolutions 🙂

    Unlikely – Great idea. If my wife liked dogs I would be tempted to try it. As for the bird dog comment…LOL 🙂

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