Sunday morning prayer (is back) – 01/06/08

Good morning to all…

After a short hiatus, "Sunday Morning Prayer" is back.  Christmas has a way of throwing our schedules off and now I am still trying to find my routine again.  Starting last week on Wednesday did not help things…this Monday should be better.

A quick and early update:  A week into this new year and my resolutions are going pretty well. I am still running and actually have increased my weekly running mileage.  And weight still continues to come off.  I am eating fruits and vegetables every day and have found a Bible reading plan on my Logos Bible Study software on my computer.  Number 3 (time management)…well…I have some work to do there.  At my office I do great.  I am getting more and more done all the time.  At home?…well…that is a different story.  Maybe I should stay away from (I think the web address speaks for itself).

Anyway…let’s be constructive here and pray together:

God our Father, you have come to reveal your glory and greatness in this cold, dark world through your Son Jesus Christ.  You have come to reveal your victory over death and to reveal the gift of salvation to us all through faith.  Open our eyes to see your glory and grant us the vision to see the path you have laid out before us.  Grant us peace, contentment and courage as we loudly, boldly and confidently announce forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  Oh God, thank you for revealing your glory among us.  In your Son’s name we pray, Amen. (Context:  Sunday, Jan. 6 is called The Epiphany of our Lord).

Take care and I hope and pray you have a very blessed day.


2 thoughts on “Sunday morning prayer (is back) – 01/06/08

  1. David

    Good for you. I have yet to get back in the swing of things after the holidays. Tomorrow is my long awaited return to the fitness center however.

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