A brand new year

Greetings and Happy New Year to all!

First of all — Thank you to all who send Christmas and New Year’s greetings.  My absence from the blogosphere has been a long one…but a refreshing one.  I feel ready to start a new year in so many ways.  So allow me to offer my blessing to you all:

I pray that your new year may be filled with happiness, joy and peace.  May you have the courage and drive to: venture to new "places" – to try new things – to strain ahead – to live a life of wild abandon – to bask in the glow of God’s love EVERYDAY – to forgive much – to love EVEN MORE – to slow down and listen to the bare voice of God – to pray more – to share your faith more.  As you begin this new year may you feel, see and experience the presence of our Lord and Savior wherever you go or whatever you do.  GOD LOVES YOU…always remember that!  Make this year the best year even for someone.  God bless!

Lastly — Carolyn over at Law and Gospel has just submitted the 500th comment to this blog.  Sorry, Carolyn, I don’t have an award or anything.  But allow me to thank everyone who has commented here.  It has been fun engaging in conversation and getting to know you over the last couple years.  I look forward to many more encounters with you.

So…on that note…I close this entry as I ponder a more reflective post to come.  Take care.


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