Neighborly Living

As the morning light shines on me,
may Your love warm my soul.
As the birds sing their praise,
I too worship You.
As the dew of the dawn refreshes the ground,
nourish me with Your Word.
As the sun’s rays brighten this new day,
reveal to me Your glory again and again.
Oh God, Your mercies are new every morn and Your love is ever refreshing.
Your glory is amazing and wonderful.
Your grace is abundant and true.
May this day be another chance for me to live for You and shine the light of Your love.
I know that I fell way short of Your glory yesterday.
Forgive and restore me.
Fashion and mold me.
Shape and direct me.
Renew my heart.
Wipe my slate clean.
Oh God, I long for another chance to make much of You as You have made much of me.
May Your Spirit continue to dwell in me and Your love ooze from my being as a over-soaked sponge. May I not seek ones worthy of my love, but as in the parable of the Good Samaritan, may I simply be a good neighbor;
Doing justice,
Loving kindness,
And walking humbly with You.
And so, I embark: equip me, empower me, embolden me.
You are worth it beyond all measure.
To You be all glory, honor, praise and worship, through Christ Jesus my Lord.