For My Friend, Jeannette

A void is present
without your life now
and we wish that you were still here.
Life is not the same without your big smile
and so we mourn and shed our tears.

Difficult it is,
to accept your death,
we remember your life so sweet.
Sharing our stories of a life well lived;
knowing that we will again meet.

Cancer took your life;
thinking it has won;
and robbing us of your sweet life.
But cancer’s loud and futile vic’try cry
is swallowed up in Jesus Christ.

And so we thank God
who has won the fight,
through shattering Satan’s strong hold.
So thanks be to God who gives us true hope,
that we too may live a life bold.

Until we meet again, Jeannette…

Praise be to God, always and forever!

The Pastor -|—

4 thoughts on “For My Friend, Jeannette

  1. Our thought and prayers go to you and Jeanette’s family on her passing. This has been a difficult week-end as we mourn the loss of dear friends. But praise be to God that these dear people are now experiencing the loving arms of Christ around them and the freedom from pain and suffering.

    In peace, Bob and Nancy

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