Thanksgiving Prayer

Holy God, loving Father,
we have much for which to be thankful;
for You are a giving God.

You have created all that we see and do not see.
You have breathed breath into our feeble lungs.
You sustain the very life we live.
You give out of your bounty and grace;
giving to a sinful people.
We are unworthy of such giving,
especially when we think about You giving us…


And so we praise and thank You,
holy God,
that through faith in Jesus Christ You have destined us
for holiness and intimacy
with You.

And so in all your giving, please give also to us Your Holy Spirit
that we may hear and receive the words spoken here tonight.
May they penetrate our hardened hearts
and turn them into life giving vessels
that proclaim the glories of Your most awesome name.
May we continue to be drawn closer to You
that our lives may be lives of thanksgiving
each and everyday.

It’s in the name of Jesus Christ that I pray,


The Pastor -|—

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