Help ~ A Morning Prayer

Holy God,

we are unclean,

We are betrayers,
and fleers of Your Son, Jesus.

We are lost,
and dead without Your Son, Jesus.

We need help.

Holy God, loving Father,

we are sinners;
sinners in need of help;
sinners in need of mercy.
And so we appeal to Your holy and amazing grace,
not just now, but each and every day.

Hear our prayers.
Hear our confessions.
And send Your Holy Spirit,
that the words of my mouth
and the meditations of our hearts
may be pleasing to You,
oh God.

May we not be found lost
but praising Your holy name
as we wait longingly for Your Son’s return.

In Jesus name I pray,


May your worship this morning be pleasing to the ears of our most holy and awesome God.

The Pastor -|—