Evening prayer ~ You are awesome

Father God,

You are awesome!

Your grace is mindblowing.
Your love is amazing.

Forgive me my transgressions.
Restore my soul.
Strengthen my faith.

Protect me as I lay vulnerable in my bed tonight.
Guard my dreams that I may sleep in peace.
Place Your hedge of protection around my family.
Refresh my body that I may be ready to serve You tomorrow.

May my desire for Your ways increase.
May Your love abound through my life.
May YOU be glorified, Father God.
May Your peace abound through my life.
May my desire for Your decrees increase.

Refresh the weak.
Place Your precepts on the hearts of Your people.
Guard Your Church
Protect the vulnerable.

Strengthen faith.
Restore hope.
Forgive me my transgressions.

Your love is amazing.
Your grace is mindblowing.

You are AWESOME!

Father God, Amen.

The Pastor -|—