Evening Trust

I entrust my body and soul to Your tender, gentle and mighty hands this night. For the darkness is not darkness to You. No evil dares confront You. You are Lord and sovereign King. You are my loving Father. You are all of this and more –  and I am Yours and thus i have no fear. So i entrust my body and soul to You this night and forevermore.

More So

Creator God,
The lilies of the field neither toil nor spin.
The birds of the air neither sow nor reap.
They simply go about their existence with no fret, fear or worry.
Oh God, as You provide for the lilies and the birds, more so do you provide for me.
And so…
May I rest this night in the sure and certain promise that as You never fail the birds and lilies, more so will You never fail me.
May I rest this night in the sure and certain promise that as You know every single bird and lily, more so do You know me.
May I rest this night knowing that as You never lose sight of a single bird or lily, more so will You never lose sight of me.
As I rest this night, may I know as Your eye is upon the sparrow, it is more so upon me.
As a father watches over his children at night, more so do You hover over me.
Oh God, my Father, I lay down in peace, more so than the birds and lilies.

Sweet Lord

I am drawn to writing prayers/blessings concerning the day’s end. I mean, what a vulnerable time to be lying in bed sleeping, trusting that everything will be alright. Kids sleeping down the hall. Everything quiet. Your brain is in deep sleep. You are seemingly at the mercy of any evil that may befall your home. But praise be to God, through Christ Jesus my Lord – He has my back (as it were). And so, I can say, “Good night, sweet Lord” and drift off to sleep in peace.


Good night, sweet Lord, may I rest this night,
And wake tomorrow to the morning’s light.
In Your arms I am always alright.
Just You, sweet Lord, are my heart’s delight.

Good night, sweet Lord, protect me this night.
Surround me with love and keep me from fright.
For Satan does seek my soul to incite.
So oh, sweet Lord, please keep me in sight.

Good night, sweet Lord, please hold me so tight.
That I may feel Your strong holy might.
Your glory, oh Lord, I’m pleased to recite.
Good night, sweet Lord, my soul You excite.

Evening Peace

You gather me in as a hen sheltering her brood under her loving wings.
You protect my life as a brave and fierce guard taking his post on the city wall.
You watch over me as loyal shepherd keeping watch over his sheep for the hungry wolves.
You hold me close as a nursing mother longingly gazing at her sleeping child.
Oh God, I will sleep in peace this night for You are with me. I commend myself to You. I am Yours. Amen.

Evening Praise

As this day begins to wind down.
As this body begins its rest.
As this evening takes its hold,
I praise You, Lord, for I am blessed.
You gave me each and every breath.
You gave me each and every moment.
You filled my day with awe,
and I’m left to sit back and say, “ahhh…”
To see my children laugh.
To watch them joyfully play.
For each and every moment, Lord,
I praise you as I rest.

In the Eve of the Day ~ An Evening Prayer

Father God,

In the eve of the day, as I think on You,
I remember the many mercies You showered on me.

In the eve of the day, as I think on You,
I remember the many memories You blessed me with.

In the eve of the day, as I think on You,
I remember the many moments with my wonderful family and friends.

In the eve of the day, as I think on You,
I remember the many times Your grace captivated me.

In the eve of the day, as I think on You; remembering, I worship and give you thanks.

And then,

in the eve of the day, as I think on You, I close my eyes and rest in Your peace.


Your Peace Is Here


Oh Lord God,

at the break of day, your peace was there.

In my work,
in my play,
with my children,
with my wife,
with my friends,

Your peace was there.

In the midst of conversations, Your peace was there.
While pondering your will, Your peace was there.
Immersed in study, Your peace was there.
Pouring my heart out to You, Your peace was there.
Struggling with temptation, Your peace was there.
Grappling with decisions, Your peace was there.
Receiving a hug from my little girl, Your peace was there.
Melting while my little boy gazes into my eyes, Your peace was there.

All through my day; in all situations; through the ups and downs, Your peace was there.

And now…

Relaxing at home, Your peace is here.
Reflecting on my day, Your peace is here.
Remembering Your grace, Your peace is here.

Your peace was with me throughout this day and now Your presence overwhelms me as I prepare to commit my tired body to the vulnerable state of sleeping. And I am thankful for…

Your peace is here and Your presence is here and therefore…

I shall not fear.

In the name of Jesus Christ, my Prince of Peace I pray, Amen.

May the Prince of Peace give you comfort and peace this night.
The Lord be with you all.

The Pastor -|—