Good night God

Loving Father, as another day comes to a close,  I lift my thanks and praise to you. You are a glorious, creative and compassionate God. You are wise and faithful and Holy.  You are patient and grace-filled and forgiving. You are a God worthy of our adoration.

And now, as I prepare to close my eyes, please watch over this body. May any evil spirits present be cast away in the name of Jesus. May You protect my family. May You place your hedge of protection around this home from the evil one. And if death does demand my life tonight may you take this soul up into your loving arms. If it be your will that I wake up tomorrow morning may I be well rested and ready to live another day glorifying your holy name.

Gracious Father, I lay my life in your hands; entrusting my body and soul to you. All praise, glory and worship to you, Holy Father, through Jesus Christ my risen Lord and Savior. Amen.

Good night God 🙂

The Pastor -|—