Boston: Continued prayer

Loving God…

I continue to cry out to you for those injured in yesterday’s bombing in Boston.

I continue to cry out to you for those mourning the death of loved ones.

I continue to cry out to you for the emergency workers, law enforcement personnel, doctors, nurses and all involved in providing care and security.

But through my prayers I have realized that I forgot to cry out for the person(s) responsible for this tragedy.  Even though I don’t understand what was going through their minds or what is in their hearts, it seems clear to me they need some understanding of your love through Jesus Christ.  Please bring healing to them.  Convict their hearts.  Turn them to you that they may seek to do the right thing.  It is easy to be angry with them and even harbor feelings of hate towards them, but please do not let Satan gain a foothold in the midst of this tragedy.  I am not relieving them of responsibly but desiring them to come to faith in Jesus Christ. Satan may have caused some damage yesterday but you O God have won THE victory through Jesus Christ.

Healing God, please continue to working healing in anyway you see that we need and may you be glorified through this.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen

The pastor -|—

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