Boston: A prayer

Dear God…

In this time of confusion, fear, sadness, anger, uncertainty please make your love known to us.

Comfort those who have been directly effected by the tragedy in Boston.

Bless the emergency personnel on the scene and elsewhere helping victims.

Grant peace to those who witnessed the explosions.

For loved ones far away, wrap them in your love as they wait for news on their loved ones; struggling to be so far away during a time like this.

For those with no personal connection, we still shutter at the sight and thought of what has happened; trying to make sense of the chaos.  And even though there are no answers to the “Why” question, may we find comfort and peace in the “Where” question ~ that you are with your hurting people.

Loving God, during a time where it is difficult to find the words to say please receive the groanings of our hearts and souls.  May your Spirit intercede with ours. And may we rest in your love.

Bring healing in anyway you see that we need and may we have the faith to receive that healing.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord and Savior I pray.


The pastor -|—

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