Jumping off into 2013

…and just like that, life is returning to “normal”.

The hustle and bustle
The frantic gift searching
The multiple sermon writing sessions
The celebratory aroma in the air
The ugly Christmas sweaters
My wife’s delicious homemade fudge

…all seem to be gone with the wind.  The warmth of the Christmas season has seemly been replaced with a Wind Chill Advisory; reminding us of the cold tundra that we live in here in the upper Midwest. And even though we are technically still in the Christmas season, it seems a distant memory in the rear view mirror. The calendar has now crept up to the precipice of a new year where we are forced to jump off and see what 2013 will bring us.

And even though I enjoy Christmas, I am looking forward to jumping off this proverbial cliff (and not the fiscal one).  I am excited to see what this new year will bring.

I am looking forward to:
~ (God willing) Welcoming a new baby into our family.
~ Running some more 1/2 marathons.
~ Reading more books.

I am looking forward to seeing:
~ What God is going to do here through Salem and Belmont Lutheran Churches?
~ How God will continue to mold and shape and use me in the body of Christ?
~ What kind of father I will be?
~ How our lives will change with a baby in the mix?

I am looking forward to continuing:
~ My spiritual discipline of writing (here on this blog).
~ My spiritual discipline of scripture reading.
~ My spiritual discipline of prayer.
~ My spiritual discipline of worship.
~ Etc…

And if you need a New Year’s resolution allow me to suggest that you chose a spiritual discipline for yourself to focus on.
~ Start a Bible reading plan.  Maybe it’s not a one year through the Bible plan but commit to reading scripture everyday.
~ Pray daily.  When you wake up in the morning start your day conversing with God. Praise him for what He has done; thank Him for what He has done for you; offer up your petitions and listen.
~ Worship…daily. Worship God through how you live and respond to the needs of others…daily. Worship God with your whole life; everywhere and at every time. And of course, worship with the body of Christ on a weekly basis.
~ Write. Jot down your thoughts as you pray and/or read.  Record what you hear God speaking to you.

…and that is just the start 🙂

So…as you jump off this proverbial cliff into 2013 remember that we are never in control.  You never are as you free fall.  But as you do make that leap (or I guess I should say as you are pushed over because we are going over into 2013 whether we like it or not) place your trust in God’s grace.  Remember that his mercies are new everyday and that his love is never ending.  And remember that God is faithful (even when we are faithless).  In the end God will be glorified.

So here we go…ready or not.  God bless us as we “fall” into a new year.  See you in 2013 🙂

All praise, glory and honor to God.  Amen.

The pastor -|—