Down and out but not done

The pastor has been down and out this week.

A 101.6 temperature on Monday night combined with massive head cold symptoms into Tuesday has made the beginning of Christmas week frustrating.  Today is Wednesday and I am feeling better (thank God).  But now I need to buckle down and write three sermons.

It is during times like this when I am most keenly aware of my dependence on and need for God.  It is during times like this when I am not so tempted to get full of myself as to think that I have everything taken care of.  Actually, right now, I am more full of mucus than anything else…but I am sure you didn’t want to hear that 🙂

I also have release time and confirmation this afternoon so today will be indeed interesting.  But right now I am sitting here on my living couch, still hacking up a lung, and excited to see what God is going to get done through me today.  It’s going to be a fun day and I can hardly wait.

But I still need to be careful…

I know the temptation with be there to get over-confident in my limited abilities once things start going well and things get done.


I will get overwhelmed and worried if things aren’t getting done according to MY timing.

And we’ve all been there before ~ haven’t we?  We feel weak, down and out or oppressed and we run to God.  God lifts us out of the mire and off we go (often times without any word of thanks). Or we get frustrated and start blaming our rotten lot in life on God. Either we use God or it’s God’s fault.

But no matter our reaction and treatment of God, God’s will will be done.  Three sermons will get written this week.  The Good News will be proclaimed.  And Christmas will be celebrated.  Satan will not derail my (I mean “our”) preparations this week. God will be glorified.

So I am praying for the faith to see God in action and when I do…to actually say “thank you”; giving credit where credit is due.

Thank you God for the healing you have brought me.  Please increase my faith to see you in action that you may be glorified.  You have defeated Satan through Jesus Christ and I praise you for that.  May your will be done through me.

The pastor -|—