Fear and Fools

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;
fools despise wisdom and instruction.
[Proverbs 1:7]

Those who fear God; have a reverent awe of God, desire to know more about God AND to know God.  They desire to know who this God is that would go to such lengths to save them and desire to have a close relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.   The fear of God does not cause one to run away but to run to.  And their running to is the path of Life; a running they do through faith in Jesus.  They realize, though, it does have it’s challenges, but they know Jesus is with them on their path.  Fearing the Lord leads one to know all they need to know:  Jesus.

Fools on the other hand desire to simply wallow in their own waste and filth (A gross metaphor but it works).  They have no desire to know Life.  They have no desire to grow and be challenged.  Fools walk a path of destruction as they rely on their own feeble “strength” and “knowledge” (something that can not even be compared to God) to get through the day.  Fools have no regard for the Law of God.  They don’t meditate on or learn God’s Law.  They have no regard in knowing how God commands people to live.  For a fool, the Law is simply a list of suggestions;  something to follow if it serves them and doesn’t interfere too much with their life.

In what category do you find yourself?
Fear the Lord and don’t embrace your waste and filth.

edh -|—