Sunday morning false gods

Holy and mighty God…

~You are worthy of all our praise.
~You are worthy of all our worship.
~You are worthy of all our life…
…for you saved us wretched sinners through the life, death and resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.  Through faith in Jesus we receive forgiveness and everlasting life.

Oh God…you are so worthy!

Yet when Sunday morning arrives where are your people?  I know exactly where they are.  They are in worship…but not necessarily in a church building.  Many people are out worshiping other gods.  They are out obeying the gods of this world that say to them “Come to me and I will give you all that you need“.  Too many people think that what they truly need is provided by this world, but in the end they are left with empty promises and false hope.

Oh God…please stir their hearts to know you better.  Please stir in the hearts of your children knowledge of you and a faith to come and worship YOU.  Please stir up a revival in this community and in your Church.

~Please don’t let Satan draw your children away.
~Please don’t let Satan draw your people to worship false gods.
~Please don’t let Satan get the last word.

Oh God…I think of all you have done for me and it pains me that people choose to follow that which will not save them.  It pains me that more people don’t have a relationship with you.  It pains me that people will choose to worship a false god this morning and think they are still following you.

Loving God…I pray that my worship this morning is pleasing in your sight.  I pray that my whole heart is devoted to you.  I pray that the words I say may go forth through the Holy Spirit to create, build and maintain faith in your children.  Loving God…I also pray for those not in worship.  I pray that they may see their false gods for what they truly are and come running back to you.

Oh God…you are SO worthy and I thank and praise you.  Thank you for hearing my prayer.

In Jesus Christ I pray…Amen.


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    • I guess I got a little fired up this morning, but I am still praying for the Holy Spirit to stir.

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