Not ready…yet

Sometimes, sometimes…

…sermons are not ready to be written.

Despite the best of intentions.
Despite the best of routines.
Despite the best of scotcheroos (This is my weekly pre-sermon writing treat)…

…sometimes sermons are not ready to make an appearance.


It’s Thursday, 4:05pm, and the sermon is supposed to be done.  It’s supposed to be done so I can enjoy my day off tomorrow without thinking about it.  It is supposed to be done so it can sit and age for a day or so before I return to it on Saturday for tweaking.

That’s the routine; one that I have clung to since internship (2002-03).  But instead I sit here (now at 4:13pm) writing this blog post.  Grrr…

But why should I be upset?  Seriously? Why should I?  I mean…if I am honest with myself then I have to admit that the sermon I will preach on Sunday is not “mine”.  Rather…the sermon I will preach on Sunday belongs to God.  So if that is the case (and it is) then who am I to get so pushy.

Hey God…where’s that sermon I am supposed to preach?

I really need to settle down.  Don’t get me wrong here…I am not trying to give an excuse to be lazy.  I am not trying to exercise my gift of procrastination.  Believe me…I’m not.  I am just trying to make sense of my little “block” here.  Maybe even stall for a while…just in case the sermon decides to makes an appearance before I go home.

[Pause for the Jeopardy Theme]

Nothing?  Oh well…

…I have done my work but apparently God is not done talking to me.  So I am going to stop trying to force the issue and let God continue to do His thing.  After all…it’s His sermon, not mine.  And why should I be worried?  In the 7 1/2 years God and I have been writing sermons together never once did a sermon fail to get done, because after all…

…GOD is in control, not me.

[Continue Jeopardy Theme]

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