Showing up

It is week 2 of men’s morning prayer and I thought I was going to go solo once again.

I got the OJ and coffee ready.
I sat down and did my Bible reading.
Prayed through the worship prayers for healing list.
Reflected some more.


…around 7:30am someone showed up.  He was driving by and remembered it was Tuesday so he went home quickly, dropped off the groceries he was sent to get and returned to the church.  We sat a chatted about what was going on in our lives.  He asked me if there was anything Connie and I needed help with.  I got an update on how his family was doing.

It was great visiting with him and hearing his question to me.

We then prayed together.  I had our worship prayer list still handy and so I worked through the list of the most current needs.  Being a small church and community he was well aware of what was going on with these people.  He also brought up someone I was not aware of…so we prayed for him as well.

I enjoy private times of prayer, but there is just something special about praying with others; whether it is 100 others or just one.

So we prayed…and then went our separate ways to begin our days.

Next Tuesday I will be back ~ praying ~ by myself or with others.  We’ll see 🙂

Thank you God for your presence and blessing upon the morning.  Whether I am flying solo or whether 100 people show up doesn’t matter; you are there: listening
Bless the rest of this day that you may be gloried in our lives.  Amen.

edh -|—