That time of the year

Annual meeting day.

Some of you have done the annual meeting thing already this year.  For us (Salem Lutheran Church), this is kind of late but because of some scheduling conflicts we had to push this to today.

Oh well…

Today we are gathering to look back on what we did in 2011:
the financial report will be reviewed,
committee and ministry team reports will be reflected on,
and highlights from the past year will be recognized.

We will also do some looking ahead:
the proposed budget will be introduced and voted on,
we will hear updates on church projects,
and we will look at some goals for the year.

All of this is important…and needs to be done.  But there is another important work that must be done.
–It’s something that shouldn’t be on the agenda because it should be second nature.
–It shouldn’t be something we check off so we can move to the next agenda item.
–It should even be part of the agenda that get approved before we start the meeting.

This important task is something I should not even need to say…but I will.


Some of you may be saying “Well duh…we always open meetings in prayer.  What’s Eric talking about?”  Good…I am glad you do.
–But what if…what if…we opened our meetings in prayer, in communion with God, and just sat in silence (however uncomfortable) – enjoying communion with God – and waited.
–What if, instead of worrying about agenda items (what WE want to do) we instead allowed God to direct our time.
–What if we spent more time discussing mission opportunities than arguing over how much we should spend on certain budget items.
–What if we did the work of God.
–What if… [Me drifting off to ponder…]

Let us pray for direction.
Let us pray for wisdom.
Let us pray for patience.
Let us pray for faith to follow.
Let us pray for strength to do the work that God has given us to do.
Let us pray…

[Pause in silent prayer]


God bless your day and your annual meetings as you do the work of God.

edh -|—

6 thoughts on “That time of the year

  1. I’ve noticed the groups at my church usually start with prayer, and maybe end with prayer or a song. (and sometimes it is more so with certain pastors.) But this wasn’t always the case. Having a prayer at a meeting when I was much younger just didn’t happen in my experience. In fact, I kind of think that lay people were better leaders in getting prayer at meetings than many of the pastors were. My experience is completely within Lutheran churches.

    • We just can’t be the Church thinking that WE are the ones doing the ministry and making all the decisions. God has giving us work to do and thus it makes perfect sense to call upon the Father for guidance.

  2. I loved reading this, I came from a meeting today and it was just plain hard and long and not at all spiritual…this made me see that we need to pray for our leadership and church…blessings

    • Keeping praying, never give up, be an example. Thanks for the comment…and thanks for YOUR prayers 🙂

  3. Eric,

    Thoughtful post. Timely too, after the SLM annual meeting today too. Thanks for your report on behalf of the program committee and raising some of the same questions and pointing to prayer there as well.

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