Refreshed, renewed and rested

I had a great time at the Desiring God 2012 Conference for Pastors.  There were about 2000 pastors there:
and engaging in fellowship.

We were:
and energized to be better pastors and leaders.

I attended with 3 other colleagues/friends.  It was so edifying to be able to process with these Christian men about what we were taking away from this event.  I also came home with a lot of resources; a stack of books of which I only bought 4.  Not too bad 🙂

Much of what I learned I am still processing.  The fear I have with these conferences, though, is that I come home so fired up and energized; thinking I am going to change the world RIGHT NOW, but often times I cool off.  So my prayer is that the Holy Spirit keeps this fire burning.  My hope is that the more I process and talk about this event the better.  Last night I shared with my Worship/Music Team an idea and we are already at work trying to implement that idea (more about this will be coming soon I am sure).

I am so thankful for my wife, Salem and Belmont Lutheran Churches for giving me these opportunities to get away and grow in so many ways.  Now…it’s time to return to life and see what the Holy Spirit does through me.

Dear God, please keep fanning the flames that were ignited in me these past few days.  Help me to not forget.  Help me to be a better pastor, husband, leader, friend, son, brother, etc.  May you be praised in all that I do; that all may see your loves in my words and actions.  May my life be a reflection of you.  Amen.

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  1. I remember those “on fire, I fear I will cool off” feelings well. from many different places: church camp, conferences, worship services. pray that God continues to bless you and your ministry.

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