Strange sermon prep situation

I am experiencing a strange sermon prep situation…

I have been a pastor now for about 5 1/2 years.  Over that time I have written many sermons (not including the ones I wrote during my year of internship) for Sunday worship, funerals, weddings, holidays, Lent, etc.  I guess one could say that I feel somewhat comfortable writing a sermon (even though I have my moments when I get stressed out).

But this week I am experiencing a first.

Today is Thursday and I have three sermons to write, but the strange thing is that I am writing 2 funerals sermons at the same time.  I have a funeral tomorrow (Friday) and one on Saturday…both out at Belmont.  I was working on these yesterday a little bit and found myself confusing the two; getting the two families mixed up.  I found myself working on funeral sermon #1 and then suddenly I would think of something for funeral sermon #2 and vice versa.  And all of this is in the context of trying to prepare a sermon for Sunday.  It should not be a big deal since the basic message of the sermon is the same, but when you are speaking and ministering to a particular group of people in a particular place in a particular context…it is definitely a big deal.  I know what I want to say for each sermon…I just need to pull the messages out of my head…untangle them and put them on paper.  Easier said than done.  God help me.

I just need to focus on one thing at a time.  I need to get to my office and get the funeral bulletins ready and then write my Sunday sermon (since Thursday morning is my normal Sunday sermon prep time).  After lunch I will work on funeral sermon #1 and only that one and then work on funeral sermon #2.  Hopefully I can keep everything straight.  It should be an interesting day.  And I pray nothing else happens to mess up my schedule (can you hear me chuckling).

In any case…say a prayer for me that I can stay focused and that the Good News is proclaimed.  I don’t want Satan to use this craziness to distract me from want needs to be done.

Have a great day and God bless!


P.S.  Oh ya…and I have to try to focus on all of this while a winter snow storm is going on.  Oh well…it can never be too easy…can it 🙂

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  1. So far my plan is working. The Sunday sermon got done this morning. After lunch I worked from home because my wife was home and I finished funeral sermon #1. So that’s 2 done with one to go.

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