Another crazy week

More winter storm madness on the way…

Christmas week was a crazy week with that nasty winter storm that dumped 20+ inches of snow on us.  It changed plans, canceled/postponed worship services and basically shut down SW MN for a couple days.  Well…round 2 is on the way…but not has big this time (but maybe more dangerous).

Wednesday, Jan. 6 we are in a Winter Storm Warning until Wednesday night and then a Blizzard Watch until Thursday afternoon.  Normally I would be giddy with excitement but I have two funerals this week.  There is family traveling (or trying to travel)…so now my prayers are for safety…once again.  What is it with winter weather and bad timing this year?  I just want to enjoy a snow storm without worrying about stuff going on at church.

In any case…please pray for these families as they travel and I will pray for a snow storm that fits my church (and personal) calendar a little better (I can dream…can’t I).


5 thoughts on “Another crazy week

  1. My husband always looks to what he gets out of when there is a big snow storm and rejoices. But he also loves snow, so being home when there is a lot of snow is a joy to him. A couple years ago, the higher up person in his company, in a city (in MN< yes) thought that there was no reason why he couldn't get to work the morning after a big storm because, of course, "You people have your four wheel drive cars." Well, no, and we've never felt the need for one, and it wouldn't have gotten out of the driveway anyway before the plow comes, and besides, driving 40 miles to work through the forest on unplowed roads is stupid. He stayed home.

    • I usually rejoice when a snow storm hits but like I said before these last two storms had bad timing.

      I am glad you husband did the safe and smart thing and stayed home.

  2. UPDATE: This snow storm has push back my Thursday funeral to Friday and has canceled church activities tonight throughout town.

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