Here I come

I got elected to the SW MN synod council.

This past weekend the SW MN Synod (ELCA) held it’s annual synod assembly.  This year we were at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN.  I was nominated for synod council a couple months ago but didn’t give it a whole lot of thought then.  Now that I got elected to a 3 year term I am beginning to wonder what I got myself into.  Initially it means a few more meetings a year and maybe some more responsibilities at next year’s synod assembly.  There will probably be some additional committee meetings and other work.  Beyond that I am not entirely sure what will happen.

But I am looking forward to this opportunity and honor:
I am looking forward to learning more about the Church.
I am looking forward to playing a more integral part of advancing Christ’s mission with the broader Church.
I am looking forward to growing in greater appreciation of what our synod leadership does (and “no” I am not just saying that because my bishop may be reading this.  Actually he has a RSS feed of my blog…now that is scary).
I am looking forward to getting to know some more of my colleagues.
I am looking forward to getting to know and working with the synod’s new Director of Evangelical Mission.
I am looking forward to growing as a leader.
I am looking forward to something new.

I may be jumping into uncharted territory but whatever happens I don’t go it alone…God goes with me and God will equip me with everything I need to carry out my duties and responsibilities.  As I said during my installation today when asked by the bishop if I will carry out my duties faithfully… “I will and I ask God to HELP and GUIDE me“.  God WILL help and guide me…that I know.

So there you have it…I came…I got elected…and I am installed as a synod council member…

…so watch out SW MN…here I come 🙂


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  1. Congratulations! I’m not Lutheran, so I don’t really know what the job entails, but from reading your posts on this blog, I am certain that you will excel in your new role!

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