More ramp photos

I hope people are not getting sick of seeing photos of our ramp project.  For me…it is exciting to see the progress.  With each thing that gets done, it means we are one step closer to using the ramp and moving worship back upstairs.  This morning the guys were up and working by 6:30am and done pouring the top half of the deck by around 8am.  Here are a couple more photos of what was done this morning (July 9):

The lower half of the deck has plastic with sand on top.  This keeps the cement from drying out to fast and helps with the curing process. 

So far everything is going great.  The guys told me today that besides beating the heat, pouring early in the morning gives the cements time to harden before the “hooligans” are out of bed and therefore they can not leave their legacy in the cement.  You can tell these guys have done this before.

Now our biggest challenge might be keeping Salem members at bay.  The ramp may look like it is good enough to walk on, but we can’t be using it until early August.  Hopefully people will understand. 


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  2. This post right here is my latest post. I haven’t posted my award yet. I am still working the ones I am going to present this award to.

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