Award…for being artistic?

The rules:
(1) Pick five blogs that you believe deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.
(2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
(3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given him or her the award itself.
(4) Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of Arte Y Pico blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award which is here: Arte Y Pico

With that here are people/blogs I am giving this award to:

(1) Here I Stand — The banner at the top of David’s page is one of my favorite ones.  I think it says a lot about the theology you will find.  You will also find very thought and theologically sound content.

(2) The Lutheran Zephyr — Chris gets this award because his content never fails to make me think and reflect.  I also enjoy his straight forward-ness and his feisty-ness.

(3) Real Live Preacher — Gordon has been blogging for a long time and has a book ( out with some of his more popular posts.  His design and graphics are really fun and his writing style has been a source of inspiration for me.

(4) Faith in Community — I received this award from Diane, but I just have to include her in my awards list.  She has such a variety of content from sermons to poetry to theological ponderings to photos of her dog.  Always a lot of fun to check in.

(5) Freedom — Joe’s blog is another one that has a really fun banner at the top and a design that is really appealing.  He is also very open about his seminary journey and it has been fun to follow.

Well…there you go.  If you haven’t checked these blogs out yet, make sure you stop by and say “Hi”.  You won’t be disappointed.


3 thoughts on “Award…for being artistic?

  1. Congratulations! I had to visit after Diane’s recommendation. Between you two, I could just go back and forth, back and forth. I’ll visit the ones you awarded, too.

  2. Thanks for the award and kind remarks Eric. I very much enjoy the blogging community and the blogs you have nominated, they are all sources of inspiration, and at times provide a chuckle or two as well. Thanks also for your contributions to the blogosphere. I know several people who read Heart of a Pastor every day.

  3. Hey Jan…thanks for stopping by. I consider this award a great honor coming from Diane.

    David — you are very welcome and deserving.

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