The point of no return

In the matter of hours I will be entering the point of no return…

…tomorrow…Friday, April 18 registration opens for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.  This is a goal I set for myself back in August and now tomorrow, it begins to become more and more of a reality.  And as I sit here I am feeling a little nervous about it because after I register…and I am officially in…there’s no turning back unless I want to throw away $95 (registration fee).  I shouldn’t be nervous, but I am.

I think part of my nervousness comes from the fact that I have had to deal with two separate running injuries this year.  Back in January I developed shin splints from building up my mileage too fast.  I had to rest about 2 weeks before starting over and slowly building my mileage base back up.  Then back at the beginning of March I suffered a pulled groin muscle.  And let me tell you…that was not fun at all.  This set me back about 3 three weeks (currently I am in my second week of running since recovering from that injury).  Now, in the back of my mind, I am wondering what is next.  I can’t afford any more set backs the closer I get to the race date (Sunday, Oct. 5).

But I still believe I can do this.  Some people think I am crazy, and maybe I am, but for some strange reason I have always wanted to be able to call myself a marathon runner.  No…I didn’t fall on my head or anything, but to be able to complete one of the ultimate tests of human endurance is something I want to achieve.  I know it is going to be difficult and there will be times when I will feel like quitting, but I think that will make achieving this goal all the more satisfying.

So when tomorrow morning rolls around, I will be on-line registering for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon (not that I am worried about chickening out if I wait)…crossing the point of no return.  But even though I am still a little nervous about hitting that registration button, I am also excited.  I’m excited because I will be one small step closer to completing a goal I have always wanted to complete. 

[And having the "point of no return" hanging over my head will definitely help with the motivation]

So…here I go…nerves and all.


2 thoughts on “The point of no return

  1. Julie Schulz

    We are here to support you 100%. We will also be there to cheer you on. I am very proud of you.

    Your sis.

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