Amazing God

Two weeks in a row I have missed my Monday Morning Check-in post.  I still do plan to continue with Monday Morning Check-in but with Vicki still out of the office, my whole routine has been thrown into the air.

First an update:  I talked with Vicki today and she is still in the hospital.  There is still no word on when she will be coming home, so I’m on my own for bulletins this week again.  We are hoping that Vicki will be back to do the May newsletter, but we’re not holding our breath.  I am currently getting volunteers in place to help me with that task in case Vicki can’t.  So please continue to pray for Vicki.  This has been really hard on her.  She just wants to get better and get home.  It has been over a month and this is getting really old for her.  Her job will always be safe here (I keep assuring her of that since she keeps worrying about it), but we still miss her and look forward to having her home soon.

Now for the main reason I am writing today:  GOD IS AMAZING!!!

Last Thursday a 93 year old parishioner of mine had a "massive" (that was the doctor’s word…a word you never want to hear) heart attack.  He was placed on life support after receiving three stints.  When I was at the hospital on Friday, doctors did not give G much hope to survive this heart attack.  Part of me fully expected to be preparing for a funeral this week.

But yesterday (Tuesday) I found out all life support has been pulled and G was doing great.  I went to see him on Tuesday and he was sitting up in bed and conversing with me.  I gave him communion before PT came to pick him up.

WOW…GOD IS AMAZING AND AWESOME.  This man has survived a couple strokes in the last few years plus this heart attack…all the while living alone in his own apartment and still active; driving himself to where he needs to go.

Yet another example of how God’s time and plans are not always in line with ours.  We need to be patient and let God take care of things; for God is always faithful.

We have an AMAZING GOD!  AMEN!