Comment number 6_6

Someone please comment because I am sitting at comment number 6_6 (I will let you fill in what that middle number might be). 🙂

Other notes:
(1) My sermons blog has been neglected lately.  I wish I could use the excuse of a busy Lent, but I need to do better than that.  I will have that site updated maybe tomorrow but for sure when I get back from vacation on April 7.

(2) Please remember my secretary in your prayers.  She is still really sick (going on 2 weeks now).  We’re not sure yet what is going on yet.  It is looking like some nasty viral thing going through her system.

With that…have a very blessed day!  Take care!

9 thoughts on “Comment number 6_6

  1. PS

    OK, I’ll help. But I think that number you won’t even write is a great number. It is our phone exchange. We’re in a town of 620 and there are 7 churches in this exchange, a mini-Bible Belt. Hmmmm, maybe that is why we need so many churches.

  2. Art

    I don’t put a lot of stock into numbers. Even THAT one. Our son was born on Friday the 13th and weighed 6 lbs, 6.6 oz.!

  3. Julie Schulz

    I am sorry to hear about your secretary. Andy and I have both been dealing with a viral infection for 5 weeks now. We both went to the doctor to have white count, strep and influenza tests. All came back normal, but I was surprise by the srep because the throat really hurts. Sadly, alot of icky stuff is going around and staying way too long.

    Your sis.

  4. Pastor Eric

    Seriously though…I don’t take a lot of stock in “that number” either. But thanks for getting me off “that number” 🙂

    An update on my secretary. It doesn’t sound like a viral thing. She might need her gall bladder out. Please keep praying…thank you.

  5. unlikely conversation

    Hope you enjoy your vacation. For me there’s nothing like project, fishing, the kids, a good book, pheasants or time with my wife to get me away from what I do at church.
    Hope you find yourself doing something you enjoy



  6. david

    Remember your Greek Eric? Since Greek sentences cannot end with a vowel, and John seemsd to be speaking of Nero, that sentence ends with a “moveable nu” (Greek letter v). Therefore; since v=50 in the Greek numbering system, some manuscripts that don’t provide the moveable nu give the number of the beast as 616.

    I think your blog is safe…at least from the beast. lol Enjoy your vacation.

  7. Diane

    we were just joking about “that number” in the new hymnal (guess we’ll never sing that one!). seriously, I have no idea what comment I’m on. How do you figure it out? is there something I can put on my blog?

  8. Pastor Eric

    (1) I am enjoying my vacation.

    (2) David — that Greek stuff made my head hurt 🙂

    (3) Diane — Typepad tells me how many posts I have and how many comments there are on my blog. I guess it is just the blogging software with Typepad.

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