I am on vacation…

…but not really.  As Christians we are never really on vacation, but as for pastoral duties I am on vacation…

…well…not really.  I went down to my favorite coffee shop to enjoy some time away from my cell phone and visited with a group of ladies (one of which is from Salem).  One of the ladies in that group is recovering from back surgery and is still in some pain.  I guess some pastoral care was taking place.

After that group left I made my way over to another group of ladies to say "Hi".  They had just finished a Bible study at their church.  They noticed a saying on my shirt that had a Bible verse attached to it and wanted to know what it meant.  I couldn’t remember so one lady pulled out a Bible and I looked up the verse.  I guess a mini bible study took place.

On vacation?  I guess that is a very subjective word because Christians should never be on "vacation". 

And what will tomorrow hold for me…on my "busy" vacation?  I will be looking forward to spending some more "vacation" time down at the coffee shop.

Take care and God bless!

5 thoughts on ““Vacation”

  1. Julie Schulz

    Well, Eric. Enjoy your “vacation”. You deserve it. Meara missed you two at Easter, but was able to eat some lefse for Connie. She is very excited to come to Jackson in two weeks. See you then.

    Your sis.

  2. Maybe a little farther down the road, or don’t leave the house? Actually though a good post about how we all do a little care for others just in our comings and goings. Enjoy your break

  3. Actually…I have gotten out of the house. I made a trip to Spirit Lake on Monday and Fairmont on Tuesday. Next week I am going to Luther Seminary for a continuing education series — “Life Transitions”. Should be interesting. Today I am going to Esterville, IA to visit my secretary who is in the hospital.

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