Sunday morning prayer – 03/16/08

Good morning!

Holy Week is upon us…the most holy week on the Christian calendar.  Today (Palm Sunday) we journey with Jesus into Jerusalem as we sing his praises; shouting "Hosanna!" only to turn on him in a few short days as we shout "Crucify him!"  For many people this is a very strange thing.  For many people this is foolishness.  Why would Jesus allow such a death to occur…because Jesus LOVES US MORE THAN WE CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE!!!

Today we journey with Jesus but remember that we are not much different than that first Palm Sunday crowd; for we too live in a Palm Sunday world…we want Jesus to save us from our rotten lives…NOW.  We look for Jesus to fix things NOW.  We want prosperity NOW.  But Jesus doesn’t come to do those things, rather Jesus brings a cross.  But what we often forget…that cross means salvation for us…NOW.

So join me and pray as Palm Sunday people looking for salvation:
Gracious Lord, victorious God…we live in a Palm Sunday world where we get the wrong idea of you.  We want the good life NOW.  We want stuff NOW.  We want all the best that life has to offer NOW.  But what we often forget is that you did and do bring and give us the best…Jesus Christ.  Jesus suffered death for us.  Jesus rose from the grave for us.  Jesus gives us life.  Loving God, knock some sense into us when we stray and lead us back to THE reason and purpose to our lives…Jesus Christ our Lord.  Thank you God for never giving up on us.  You are awesome and worthy of all praise.  In Christ’s name we pray, Amen!

God bless you this Holy Week and I pray that you may experience the depths of God’s graciousness all the days of your life.

Take care!

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