Bad timing…

I guess it is time for me to re-surface from my mini-blogging break and chime in on something:

On March 13 the ELCA Sexuality Task Force released a draft copy of the social statement on sexuality.  I have yet to read it and I am NOT going to read it until after Easter.

My question is…WHY NOW?  Why release such a statement right before Easter.  Now is a time to focus on the most holy week of the year and the resurrection of our Lord.  Instead…many people are thinking about a statement on sexuality.  I don’t know about you, but this just goes to show how the ELCA’s priorities are a little messed up.  I don’t think waiting a couple more weeks would have hurt anything.  Don’t get me wrong…this sexuality thing is something important to discuss…but NOT NOW.

As far as I am concerned this is bad timing.  But I could be wrong.  Maybe I am just ignorant here; if so, someone please enlighten me.

In the mean time, I hope and pray you put down your copy of the sexuality social statement and focus on proclaiming the Good News of Jesus dying and rising FOR YOU and FOR ME.  After all…this is why we are here.

Take care and God bless!

4 thoughts on “Bad timing…

  1. Chris

    I, too, will be punting the report a few weeks. Bad timing for pastors and church staff members who are busy as heck preparing for Holy Week – but for most laypeople this time is as good as any.

    I assume that this report was released in time for Synod Assembly season – the first synod assembly is just three week away on April 5 (Eastern North Dakota). This gives those folks a few weeks to read and digest the report before debating it on the assembly floor.

    Unfortunately there is no good time for such a report to be released. A month ago we would have been complaining about the beginning of Lent, before that Lenten preparations, before that Christmas and Advent, before that . . . well, you get the idea.

  2. David

    I too will not be reading this until after Easter. What I will do is ask several of my classmates to study it together before leaving for our first call. Unfortunately, this will be one of the first topics we will cover in our congregations, so we had better have some prelimary insight before going out on our own.

  3. Eric

    Chris — you make a good point. I there really is no “good” time. I guess I am just a little more fiesty these days…should make for an interesting Easter sermon 🙂

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