Sunday morning prayer – 02/24/08

Greetings and salutations…happy morning to you all!

…don’t ask…I just woke up this morning full of energy and ready to go…despite the trying week I have had.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t preached and lead worship for a couple weeks…I don’t know, but I am ready for the day.

Another death
My trying week involved not only mourning my grandma’s death but also mourning the very unexpected death of a 77 year old woman in my congregation on Wednesday morning.  Gladys went in on Tuesday for a "routine" surgery (whatever that means), developed a blood clot on Wednesday and died at around 2am Thursday morning.  I was at the hospital on Wednesday night with the family (I never got to see Gladys) but left at 10pm…fully expecting to see Gladys the next day.  I guess you just never know.  Please pray for her family.

The orchestra
My highlight of the week, though, was listening to the Minnesota Orchestra during their concert here in little ole Jackson, MN.  It was an absolutely amazing show.  One of my favorite pieces featured a bassoon duet.  WOW!  According to my wife, bassoons often get the nickname "belching bedposts" (no offense to any of you bassoon players) but these two bassoons were far from being "belching bedposts".  They were amazing.  My wife and I along with four of our friends went to the concert…dressed in "formal" wear.  After all…we were going to the orchestra.

So this week has been an up and down one.  I am praying for an "up" day today.  So to start things out let’s join together in a word of prayer…

Loving God, you sent your Son, Jesus Christ to seek and save the lost.  You sent your Son, Jesus Christ to seek and save us.  You know our sins.  You know our past. You know that we will let you down again and again…but that doesn’t matter to you…for your love is great.  Thank you for sending Jesus into the hostile territory of our hearts; quenching our spiritual thirst and desire.  Thank you God for not holding our sins again us but rather offering "Living Water" to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Thank you God for saving our lives.  In Christ’s name we pray…Amen. (reference made to John 4:5-42 – The woman at the well)

Take care and have a very blessed day.

2 thoughts on “Sunday morning prayer – 02/24/08

  1. I saw the the MN Orchestra was down there! I’m glad you got to go!

    and prayers for you and your congregation on Gladys’ sudden death. It’s true, nothing is really routine, is it? so sad for your congregation.

  2. The orchestra was great. The only thing is when the Star Tribune did a story about the orchestra visiting Jackson and other communities around here, they made us sound like a bunch of country hicks. Oh well, at least the back of my head made page 12.

    Thank you for the prayers. It has been and will be a tough time for this congregation. But we still keep our hope in the resurrection. Praise be to God!

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