Monday morning check in – 02/04/08

She is still hanging in there.  I am blown away each and every day that I do not receive "the phone call".  Grandma’s organs are shutting down/failing and she’s not eating or drinking much, yet she hangs on.  God indeed must have some more work for her to do.  I continue to pray for peace for my grandma and for my family.

The "Big Game"
Apparently there are some copyright laws about using the words "Super Bowl" (I am pretty sure I am not violating any here, but why take the chance).  Apparently the NFL does not make enough money off the "Big Game" so they have to insist that bars and restaurants (and churches) not show the "Big Game" on TVs larger than 55 inches diagonally.  Maybe we should all take a special offering to help support the work of the NFL since they are in such dire straits. (Did I get a little too feisty there?)

The "Big Game"…continued…
But I did watch the game and even hosted a modest "Big Game" party for a few friends.  As much as I enjoy watching football (and playing fantasy football), I am glad the "Big Game" is done.  I got tired of hearing about New England’s pursuit of perfection (as if they would have been "perfect" if they won the "Big Game").  "Perfection" is such a hard work to use in reference to any human achievement.  God is perfect…not creation…and definitely not any sports team no matter the record.

We are currently getting a blast of winter weather.  I went to the gym at 5:45 this morning and when I came out at 6:45am there was about 1/2 inch on the ground.  Now we have a couple inches, but the snow is beginning to taper off.  Apparently the BIG winter storm is fizzling out.  Imagine that.

Mini sermon of the week
"The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home" -St. Augustine-

God bless your day!

3 thoughts on “Monday morning check in – 02/04/08

  1. ARe you telling me that the perfect creator didn’t create a perfect creation??? Wink.

    Old age and death…not like in the movies. We recently did living wills, directions for when we are quite sick, etc. The canned lawyer version was so poor to be useless, so we changed things to account for some of these circumstances. For whatever reason, our bodies often don’t want to give up and die. May you all be blessed in some way in this circumstance.

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