Sunday morning prayer – 02/03/08

Happy belated Groundhog’s Day…with 6 more weeks of winter to look forward to.  But seriously…does this really matter to anyone living in the upper Midwest.  Come February 2, there is always at least 6 more weeks of winter left.  Actually, I am thrilled that that little rodent thinks our winter will be a little shorter.  A Minnesota winter ending in March…most people will definitely take that.

Anyway…Happy Transfiguration Sunday…and in a couple days it will be "Happy Ash Wednesday" which is also "Happy Lent".  Wait a second…that doesn’t quite sound right…"Happy Lent".  Oh well…you get my meaning.

Lent is right around the corner…a period of time (before Easter) where we focus and contemplate our sinfulness and mortality.  We begin with Ash Wednesday where (in many traditions) ashes are placed on people’s foreheads (in the sign of a cross) as a remembrance of our mortality.  We confess our sins but no absolution is announced until Maundy Thursday as a way to contemplate our sinfulness.  But Transfiguration Sunday is that glory-revealing event that we carry with us through Lent as another reminded that even though (and despite that fact) that we are sinful and that we will all die and rot in the ground, our future reality is a transfiguration of sorts.  Because of the glory-revealing event of the cross and the resurrection, we too will be raised in power and glory.  What an awesome thing to hold on to.  So as we prepare to begin our Lenten journey, don’t forget the many facets of who you are and the ultimate promise we have through the cross.  So as I said before, "Happy Transfiguration Sunday"!!!

Let us pray…
Awe inspiring God, at the transfiguration of your Son, Jesus Christ, you revealed to the first disciples (and ultimately to us) the magnificence of your glory.  Grant us the foresight to see those who desperately need to hear this Good News and grants us the words to proclaim this News with power and authority.  But before we can do that, give us ears to hear your message and the heart to truly LISTEN.  For your words are indeed words of eternal life.  To you all praise, honor and glory belong…in Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

God bless you and have a safe Transfiguration/Super Bowl Sunday!


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