Monday morning check in

Annual meeting:  Yesterday (Jan. 27) Salem held it’s annual meeting.  Normally our meetings are pretty quick(20 minutes tops)…with very little on the agenda, but this year was different.  Agenda items included: (1) Consider to approve purchase of new ELWs; (2) Budget (of course); (3) Consider to approve bid for new ramp that leads to the sanctuary; (4) Discussion of moving to twice a month communion; among some other items on the agenda.  I looked back in my worship attendance records and normally we average 75 on annual meeting Sunday…yesterday we had 92.  Considering the agenda items I am not surprised.

But everything went great…there was great discussion, excellent questions, and concerns were voiced.  In the end, the congregation approved the purchase of the new ELW (Evangelical Lutheran Worship – the new hymnals recently released) and there was basically no concerns about moving to twice a month communion.  The bid for the ramp had some discussion but, once again, in the end the bid was approved.  I was very impressed with our congregational president and the discussion that took place.  I hope and pray people felt that their voice was heard.

Now the tough work begins…implementing the new hymnals and our major building project this spring or summer.

Evangelism class:  Today is going to be a day of preparation for an evangelism class I am teaching.  The class is at the First Call Theological Retreat at Shalom Hill Farm near Windom, MN.  This will be the first time I have lead a class like this for a bunch of pastors (first call) and it is a little unnerving, but exciting at the same time.  My class starts at 4pm so please say a little prayer for me as I teach. 

"Winter break":  We are currently receiving a "winter break".  The temperatures are expected to rise into the 40s before taking a nose dive Tuesday night.  By Wednesday morning it is expected to be -14 degrees with a wind chill around -40.  Almost an 80 degree differential…you got to love Minnesota.

I guess the lesson to be learned here is to take advantage of every moment, because you never know when you will get another one (or at least a warm one).  Was that too deep for a Monday? 🙂

Have a super start to your week and God bless!


6 thoughts on “Monday morning check in

  1. PS

    I gathered that our pastor was a little nervous about using the new hymnals when we got them last fall, wondering how the same-ol’ same ‘ol crowd would react. I really don’t know what the feed back was, but I’ll tell you how we’ve used them:

    We used the liturgy setting that is the same as in the green book and some old favorite hymns for the first few weeks. That way people were only getting to “know” the new book, not new music as well as new books.

    Since we really like to sing some of the settings in the WOV, we’ve been using the Light of Christ setting during Christmas/Epiphany. For lent, we’ll move to a new setting in the new red hymnal.

    Meanwhile our choir is, as they always do, going over any new hymns and liturgy music at every practice. Our choir, of which I am a member, isn’t all that great, but when we are in the front, we do provide some musical “leadership” for the congregation.

    Our pianist is quite accomplished, so that helps. But if your musicians are playing the liturgy slowly, they aren’t playing it the way our musicians learned it at the workshops they attended. Remind them that these songs are HYMNS OF PRAISE not funeral pieces. I’ve been to churches where the music would about put me to sleep, even such pieces as Jesus Loves Me and Go Tell it on the Mountain. I had to bite my tongue on the way out of the building.

  2. Eric

    I wish we had a choir…that would making learning new hymns and liturgy so much easier.

    Basically my philosophy with the ELW is to take things slow. That is what I said at the annual meeting. Anything new will be gradual where my organist will have plenty of time to learn new stuff.

    But I am looking forward to get the ELW and making the transitions and I think people, generally, are ready as well.

  3. David

    Our congregation subscribes to Sundays and Seasons online so we haven’t bought any of the new books yet, but we do have the license to print ELW materials in the worship bulletin. So far the folks seem to enjoy th new materials, but we have not ventured far from LBW and WOV settings.

  4. Diane

    re: ELW, we haven’t learned any new liturgies yet. so it’s ok to go slowly. We are in an interim music ministry, so that’s part of it. We ARE learning some new hymns.

    re: your class, I love that place! Have fun! (shalem hill)

  5. LawAndGospel

    In my home parish we bought the ELW’s right away. Our crafty music director had already been playing some of the new music in the “filler” music like at the end of communion while we are waiting for things to be ready to move on. We started out with the old LBW settings. The congrgeation and choir have ventured forward with one or two new settings. It is an adjustment. In my teaching parish we are LBW and WOV people. We have no choir. I do not see ELW’s on the hoirzon.
    Eric, I hope your class went well and I am sure it did. Thank you for being willing to teach the first call folks.

  6. Eric

    I looked at Sundays and Seasons online and discussed it with my worship and music team, but they were not to keen on the idea. They thought we should just go ahead and get hymnals.

    Having the organist play some of the new music and liturgies during offering and communion is a great idea. Thank you.

    As for my class at Shalom Hill Farm, it went great and will talk more about that later. Thanks for all the input.

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