Sunday morning prayer – 01/27/08

Grandma update:  Grandma is still hanging in there.  She is getting weaker and weaker by the day and spends more and more time sleeping.  When she is awake, she just stares blankly at you.  She is basically eating nothing at all and drinking less and less water.  Combine this with the fact that her kidneys continue to fail I can’t believe it has gone on this long.  But I know that grandma is not suffering.  There are those in my family that think we are starving grandma to death.  I pray that they come to understand and that this does not cause a rift in the family.  These are not the memories I want to have of grandma’s death (fighting and hard feelings).  I pray grandma is at peace, that I (and the family) may see God’s will in all of this and that God takes her home soon (of course, GOD’S will be done).  Thank you again for your prayers.

Chilly run update:  Yesterday (Saturday Jan. 26) I ran the Okoboji Winter Games 5K run.  It was my first race in nearly three years.  I have been training for a marathon so I am used to marathon pace, not 5K pace (which is faster…obviously).  With all of this I did not expect to do too well.  Well…I did SURPRISINGLY well.  I finished with a time of 22 minutes and 40 seconds.  Out of 56 runners I finished in the top 15 and won my age group (only 5 runners) – thus receiving a medal…Whoo Hoo!  Needless to say I was (and am) very happy.  But I still have a lot more work to do.

Prayer:  Today is 3 Epiphany in the grand ole lectionary calendar and the Gospel text is from Matthew 4:12-25 (the beginning of Jesus’ ministry and the calling of the first disciples).  The sermon focus today will be on trust.  When Jesus calls us to follow him our response is nothing more than radical trust to drop our "old life" to follow Jesus (the giver of "New Life").  But trust is a tricky thing and something we, as sinful people, are sometimes hesitant to give out.  But in the end, if we can not trust Jesus, then who can we trust?  Let us pray…

Radical God, your love and mercy is so reckless, wild and free.  And maybe that explains why we are so often tentative when you say to us, "Come, follow me!". Give us courage to go where you go and to follow you with reckless abandon.  You did not call us to be spectators but you called us to be life savers.  Faithful God, kick us in the butt that we may leave our comfort zones and go where we never thought we would – leaving all that encumbers us on the shore.  We pray this in your most holy name, Amen!

Take care and God bless!


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