The Banquet

Here I am again.  Yesterday I told you was slowing down a little bit to take a break but I am back again.  Tomorrow or so I will have another post.  I was recently tagged to share 10 random things about myself.  Check back to see that one (I am one strange cookie).

Anyway…there is a good reason way I am back again today.  In December of 2006 I wrote a post titled, Feelings I won’t describe.  It was about our trip to a place in Sioux Falls, SD called The Banquet.  The Banquet is a feeding ministry in Sioux Falls that has been operating and serving the less fortunate for over 20 years.  Groups sign up to come and help serve meals for the people (or "guests" as The Banquet calls them).  Yesterday (Nov. 7) was Salem’s turn (along with Belmont and Bethany Lutheran Churches).  Between the 3 churches we had 32 people serving.  What an incredible experience.  It was the fourth year for us doing this and it never gets old.  Last night we served 421 people, which is pretty average.  They have served nearly 500 people in an evening in the past.  I could go on and on about this place, but check out the above links to learn more about this amazing ministry.

What kind of serving opportunities, like this, do you have in your area?  My confirmation kids are required to serve at The Banquet, do your confirmands have a similar requirement?

"Treat everyone (who walks through those doors) as though they were Jesus" -my dad-


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  1. We served the banquet in Watertown when I lived in South Dakota and it was an incredible experience. Lots of people, youth and adults, helped. I was proud to learn that they made it into a regular event in the parish after I left… so I started something.

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